Gibraltar Rock NPDES permit under review


In the fall of 2015, Gibraltar Rock submitted to the DEP Pottsville District Mining Office a renewal application for their expired “National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.  The DEP responded with a “technical deficiency letter” to Gibraltar Rock, advising them that the application does not adequately address the possibility that contaminants from the Hoff VC site (Good Oil Co) may enter or migrate onto the area covered by Gibraltar’s Surface Mining permit by various pathways, including surface and groundwater flow.  

The DEP mining office gave a date of Nov 6, 2015, to hear from Gibraltar Rock on the deficiencies.  On Nov 24, 2015, Gibraltar Rock along with their attorney met with the DEP District Mining office to discuss the quarry permit renewal application.  On Dec 16, 2015, Gibraltar’s engineer, Earth Res Group, submitted a response to the Oct 6, 2015 technical deficiency letter.  The letter included additional geologic and hydrogeologic evaluation regarding the contaminants on Gibraltar Rock acreage and adjacent properties. 

As of January 6, 2016, Gibraltar Rock’s submission dated Dec 16 of the above evaluation is under review by Toby Kessler, Professional Geologist, Gilmore & Associates (New Hanover Township consultant) and also Ross Snook, New Hanover Township consultant.

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