Gibraltar Rock and Zoning Hearing Board – Application #4

In early 2015, Gibraltar Rock filed a 4th application with the New Hanover Zoning Hearing Board, asking for a special exception to quarry on a combination of newly acquired acreage (approx. 25 acres) and several other parcels that were included with a previous application, for a total of approx. 82 acres.

The Zoning Hearing Board began monthly meetings with Gibraltar Rock in April 2015.  From August 2015 through February 2016, the zoning meetings were postponed, then resumed later in 2016.  These hearings continued into 2017, concluding with an opportunity for the public to testify before the Zoning Hearing Board.  

The Paradise Watchdogs/Ban the Quarry was represented by Rowan C. Keenan, Esq. of the KCA law group in Collegeville, PA.  Gilbert Marshall, of Marshall Geoscience in Collegeville, was hired as our expert witness.  He testified to his belief, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that if the quarry is permitted to engage in blasting at this location, the hazardous chemicals would be released from the original site (Hoff VC HSCA site / Good Oil Company) and migrate south, southwest, and southeast, thereby affecting more private properties, the Swamp Creek Watershed, and possibly the Perkiomen Watershed.


In September 2017, the New Hanover Zoning Hearing Board rendered their decision on this 4th application.  The zoning board found our expert’s testimony credible, and also the testimony of the township’s expert, Toby Kessler.  The decision has been appealed by New Hanover Township, Gibraltar Rock, and the Paradise Watchdogs.

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