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New Hanover Township Current Events


Gibraltar Rock, Inc, from Fairless Hills, PA, has attempted for the past 19 years to build a quarry, asphalt plant, and concrete plant in our township.  The company has been unsuccessful, and through a series of missteps in 2009, the Court of Common Pleas ordered an injunction to prevent them from starting the quarry.

Gibraltar Rock has dragged the Township through approximately 11 court cases and appeals while telling the local residents they should complain to the Township about spending tax revenue on litigation.  Ban-the-Quarry has joined in all of the litigation thanks to our thousands of supporters.

Early in 2015, the Township Solicitor, Paul A. Bauer, announced in a monthly board meeting that Gibraltar Rock had requested to meet with the Board of Supervisors.  Since early this year, our Supervisors have been in “talks” with Gibraltar Rock.  Through many leaks and rumors, we’ve learned of certain “offers” made to the Township in exchange for approval of the quarry plan.  The land development plan submitted by Gibraltar Rock has been on-hold since August 2012.

Even though two township attorneys and a supervisor asked for Ban-the-Quarry’s support in the May primary this year, none of the above have extended the professional courtesy to inform us, or our attorneys, that a new land development plan had been submitted to the Township by Gibraltar Rock.  Conversely, the Township has spent much effort in hiding this information.  When we learned of the land development plan and the township’s response, we requested all of the documents through the Right-to-Know Law and was denied access.  Ban-the-Quarry was told that these “public documents” would go through a ‘legal review” for up to 30 days.

New Hanover Township should know by now that “favors go both ways”.  But it took our attorney’s intervention and quoting the Right-to-Know Law to our esteemed township leaders to convince them to release the PUBLIC DOCUMENTS.

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