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The Silvi Group


The Silvi Group, applying under the name "Gibraltar Rock, Inc." submitted a zoning application to New Hanover Township for a permit to operate a 163+ acre quarry. The township zoning officer wrote a denial. The attorney representing Gibraltar Rock requested a special exception.

The Silvi Group is composed of a number of sand and gravel companies:

  • Silvi Concrete

  • Sahara Sand Company

  • Riverside Materials

Their application as "Gibraltar Rock" represents the Silvi's effort to build a hard-rock quarry in New Hanover Township.  Besides quarries, their business for the last 55 years has been sand, gravel, and concrete.


The Silvi Group is owned by two brothers, John and Laurence Silvi.  An article in the Boyertown Times reported that the brothers "...were found guilty of bribing a union official in 1991" and have since been granted a full pardon by former President Bill Clinton.


As well, the Silvi Bros. have had a number of OSHA violations. Read this.

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