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The New Hanover Tax Revenue Myth

Over the years, some residents have asked about New Hanover spending money on the quarry. Read why this is a myth.

Our Organization

The Paradise Watchdogs/Ban the Quarry group has been around since 1987. Read about our mission and history.

Court Cases

Read about the Montgomery County 38th Judicial District judge's 2014 decision.

Environmental Issues

Learn about the environmental impacts of a quarry operation, asphalt plant, and concrete plant on the following:

Environmental Agencies

Read about the agencies who have responsibility for local environmental issues.


The map at the left shows the area of the proposed Gibraltar quarry.


As of 2018 the proposed quarry would stretch from Rt. 73 to the south, north to Coleflesh road, and from Church (east) to Rt. 663 (Layfield Rd.) on the west. It would include the hard rock quarry, an asphalt plant, and a concrete plant.

The quarry was proposed in early 2001 by the Silvi Group Companies (See below). The Paradise Watchdogs, with the New Hanover Township Zoning Hearing Board and Board of Supervisors have been involved since then.

Image at left originally created by Reading Eagle, but incorrectly identified important areas, which we corrected.

Learn About the Proposed Quarry Owners

The Silvi Group Companies began in 1947 in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since then, they have operated sand, ready-mix concrete, asphalt plants, and quarries throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their website can be found at www.silvi.com 

Their site contains information about their companies and mining activities. However, besides their company, there's more to learn about the dealings of the two brothers who own the company.

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