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 Late 2016 Update. Read it here.


Winter Waterways . . . after blizzard Jonas in 2016.  See our pristine Swamp Creek in the following video.


5/8/16  Pennsylvania DEP visited New Hanover Township in March 2016  Read


2/5/16  February 4, 2016 Zoning Hearing Board Summary Read

1/21/16  Gibraltar Rock & Zoning Hearing Board update Read

1/21/16  Gibraltar Rock NPDES permit under review Read

9/7/15   The game called “Pass the Buck” Read more

June 8th Board of Supervisor’s Meeting. Read DETAILS

11/19/14   Penna. Environmental Hearing Board renders decision on Gibraltar Rock mining permit– 2014. Read article

11/11/14 Declaratory Judgment Action by Gibraltar Rock and Common Pleas Court Decision - 2014 - Read article

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February 2016 Newsletter Read


06/05/15 Current Events in NH Township Please read.


1/9/13 From the President's Pen Read


The Importance of Open Space Read Article


History of the Paradise Watchdogs of New Hanover Township Read more

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This website was created to inform area residents of the issues surrounding the proposed quarry, asphalt plant, and concrete plant in New Hanover Township, Montgomery County, PA.  It contains information about the proposed quarry, the zoning hearing board process, and insights into how this multi-acre operation will affect your quality of life. 

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